Buying a high quality bag for daily use can be difficult. There are so many suppliers to choose from, and so many materials, styles, sizes, colours, accessories. The best bags are made from natural skins, and a proper professional laptop satchel will provide both cool functionality and effortless stylishness for a lifetime. If you want a bag that’s going to remain beautiful, on-trend, and usable, it’s important to pick the right one.

At Heathbold, we believe there are only two things you need to really consider when choosing a bag: materials and craftsmanship.



Leather is a naturally beautiful product. But the industrial tanning process can be extensive, and once a hide has been stripped, washed, shaved, sanded, bleached, died, oiled, coloured, painted, cut, shaped, etc. it can start to look a bit generic.

Heathbold have used their extensive understanding of leather processing to make sure that all of our products are not only of outstanding beauty and quality, but that they have character. How do we do this? Simply by not over-processing our materials.

We make our bags using only premium full grain leather – the best grade available. And rely on traditional tanning methods, including a natural time-honoured sun-curing process and pure organic plant oil finishes, which together provide the softest and most naturally mellow leather you can find. We guarantee our customers we will never make a bag using cheap low grade hides, reconstituted leather shavings, or hidden layers of plastic laminate. The Heathbold name guarantees the integrity of your bag.

Because our materials are not put through an over-extensive homogenisation process, every one of our bags boasts a unique, individual finish (or ‘grain’). This derives from a variety of original subcutaneous patterns and markings. The natural structure of every unique skin, with its birth marks, healed wounds, and even the snake bite scars which are occasionally found in the grain of our leathers, all combine to guarantee your bag will keep its unique look and distinctive markings for many years to come.

All leather goods change in appearance as time goes by. But while the aging process causes inferior leather products to become dull and cracked, our bags improve with time. During a lifelong maturing process, Heathbold bags develop a unique patina and a glow. They retain their water resistant properties but allow the interior of your bag to breath, meaning no nasty mildew or odours if your bag has been left unused for a while. (Wherever possible, it’s best always to try to store your Heathbold bag in a dry and ventilated place).

Our bags give off a mild, pleasant distinctive leather aroma, which is produced by the naturally occurring hide oils, and which will gradually diminish over the years but never quite disappear, particularly if a high quality leather conditioner is applied from time to time.

All our bags are supplied with a sample of Heathbold Nutri-Cleaner, an easily applied all in one solution to clean, nourish and protect your leather (UK only).



A properly crafted leather bag should last for decades. Our bags are designed in house, individually made by time-served experts, and finished by hand in Lancashire. Every single bag is extensively quality checked before dispatch, and nothing leaves Heathbold unless it is 100% immaculate.

Our gorgeous bags discreetly speak class, style and quality.

In fact, we’re so certain that you won’t be in any way disappointed with your purchase, we offer a full, no quibble, 14 day money back guarantee.

This is a fair and square offer. We understand that goods need to be unpacked, de-tagged and tried out, and we won’t look for excuses not to keep our promise to our customers – if you don’t love our bags as much as we do, then you get your money back, quickly and without fuss. Have a look at our terms & conditions for full details.

All first grade Heathbold full grain leather bags are sold with a Heathbold dust bag, and our own Nutri-Cleaner (UK only). These are only small things, but we like to think our dedication to your delight is what makes the difference between buying a Heathbold bag, and buying an ordinary bag.



We offer a laser engraving service, meaning you can customise your bag to include your monogram, your name and contact details, or even your favourite motto. We can even add your company logo by arrangement (no third party trade marks). Character limits apply.



At Heathbold, we take environmental concerns and sustainability extremely seriously. Leather is a naturally occurring fully biodegradable material, and a by-product of the meat industry. If there was no demand for leather, inedible hide materials would pose a significant waste disposal problem. So the recycling of unused hides by converting them to leather is far more beneficial to our environment than using plastics.

Some aggressive leather treatments are designed to speed up the production process, and these can make use of excessive quantities of precious water, heavy metals, salts and other substances. We do everything we can to avoid these processes. Our artisan leathers are not ‘chromed’. Our bags are sun-cured, and treated with sustainable organic plant oils. At the end of their lives, our bags pose almost no environmental risk. Our packaging material is biodegradable and incorporates recycled materials. And we pack responsibly, by being careful and proportionate in the way we choose our delivery boxes and padding material.

We can all do more, but we promise to try our hardest to be eco-friendly, and to minimise our carbon footprint whenever possible.

Our commitment to the well-being of the environment gives you just one more reason to choose a Heathbold luxury bag.



Heathbold bags are designed to be used every day. Sometimes, especially when your bag is new, the elements (such as high humidity, rain or hot sunshine) can soften the surface oils and cause dark staining to your hands, clothing, carpets etc. But don’t worry, these stains can be stubborn, but they will usually wash away if treated quickly. This oil migration process, which happens with all high quality oiled leather luggage, is only temporary, and after a period of regular use these surface oils will permanently stabilise.


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